About Us


If you are serious about fitness, it’s time to get serious about your workout wear.

Founded in 2018, Axcess Athletics is the first zip-off line of premium athleisure wear. Made specifically for serious fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes, Axcess answers a need we can all relate to, offering the unique ability to change quickly into clean gear after a hot workout or yoga session so you can get on with your day more quickly in style and comfort.

Superior in both quality and design, Axcess Athletics is doing what has never been done before: a line of fashion-friendly zip-off leggings for both men and women, plus a line of women’s-only zip-off sports bras and clip-off underwear (COMING SOON).

Like many great ideas whose time has come, Axcess was born to solve a problem. Founder Jennifer Abernathy, a retired professional beach volleyball player, had taken on the challenge of 30 consecutive days of hot yoga. Her daily struggle with changing into clean clothes quickly following a sweaty workout prompted her to scour the internet for zip-off leggings, but nothing of that description seemed to exist.

Knowing that so many others experience the same frustration – having to change in a small, cramped space or dress quickly after a hot workout before going back to work – she decided to take on the challenge of bringing a solution to market. The result was Axcess Athletics, a brand that represents quality of the highest caliber along with superior function. After a workout, you simply zip-off your sweaty leggings. After a shower, you simply zip on a fresh pair. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all, they look great on.


It’s what hard-working people wear

You are strong. You don’t take no for an answer. You fight hard, you work hard, you play hard, you love hard – and you will settle for nothing but the best. Axcess is designed with you in mind.


You might be a CEO who runs to the gym on a break or a professional athlete who eats, sleeps, and lives their sport – wherever the action is, you’ll always have Axcess.


Axcess makes it easy to ice an injured area, to layer-down when things heat up, or to layer up before you move on to the next thing in your day. From the office to the gym and back, and on to the club when the day is done, Axcess makes it easy to change into clean clothes quickly, without the frustration of trying to redress over hot, wet, or sweaty skin.


Each garment is constructed of high-tech, moisture-wicking fabric and is made to withstand the most rigorous daily use. Made to solve a real-world problem that we have all lamented at one time or another, Axcess Athletics is a workout staple for fitness-focused men and women on the go. Whether it’s after your workout or after the shower, Axcess makes it easy for you to save precious time and energy so you can get on with doing what you do best.


Get Axcess today. We've got you uncovered. 


The Transition...

Axcess Athletics was first introduced to you as the world's first line of zip off leggings. In March of 2020 everything changed for us as a company. As Covid-19 forced all of our precious hot yoga studio clients to shut down, there was no longer a high demand for our zip offs because NOBODY was practicing in-studio. Although we are anxious for things to get back to normal, we decided to adapt to the demand of our beloved yogis and add designs that are not only comfortable for practice at home but that also transitions into everyday wear. Sweat with us. We've got you covered.